When to Start Vlogging: 3 Rules Before You Begin

Today we’re talking about vlogging. Particularly WHEN to start vlogging. There are 3 things I’ve identified that are extremely important to have in place before you even think about vlogging. Let me know what you think.

What I’ve Learned in My First 10 Videos

Some people say you just need to dig in and create 100 YouTube videos before you concern yourself with improvement and growth. I disagree, and think that with each video you make you should be looking for ways to improve.

At the time of this blog post, I’ve made just over 10 videos on YouTube, but I’m already noticing tons of things I can improve upon. If you’re a new creator, it’s important that you always think of ways you can improve your videos. Now, it definitely takes time to find your groove, but you can’t get to your groove without constantly improving. Anyways, here are my early observations about my channel – if you notice things I need to step it up on please let me know!

What’s the deal with TRAVEL VIDEOS?

YouTube is littered with travel videos these days. Both new YouTubers and pros love making them – but why? What’s the purpose or benefit of making a travel video? And why should YOU get comfortable making them? Let’s talk about it in my latest video!