Get Started With FiLMiC Pro in 5 Minutes!

Recently I discovered FiLMiC Pro, an amazing video recording app available for both iPhone and Android devices. It truly unlocks your phone’s video-taking capabilities, and is so much better than the native video-taking app on your smartphone.

Entire feature-length movies have been filmed with FiLMiC Pro, and it’s the go-to app for countless short films, YouTubers, and video makers from all walks of life.

In this video, I dig into the basic functionality a beginner needs to understand in order to get the most out of the app. Check it out below!

Are You a Photo Taker or a Photographer?

I have an Instagram. You have an Instagram. We all have smartphones in our pockets that are capable of taking awesome photos. But we aren’t all photographers. In fact, I don’t think I’d even consider myself a photographer. I take photos. It’s not my profession, I can’t take consistently great photos (yet), and my Instagram isn’t bursting at the seams with awesome content.

So what about you? Are you a photographer, or just a photo taker? I want to get to the next level, and I hope you do too, but it takes a lot of time, effort, and grinding to get there. Check out my latest video below to learn more about what separates the pros from the amateurs (and subscribe if you aren’t already!).

Vlogging With The Canon T3i in 2019?

The Canon T3i/600D came out way back in 2011. Can it still be used to make videos in 2018 and beyond? The short answer is yes. But it really depends on how you’re using it. If you want super crispy video or photos, it takes a lot of work to do that on the T3i compared to a newer camera. Even with the best lighting conditions, external microphone and a great lens, the technology just can’t compete to a camera released in the last couple of years.

Specific to video, the T3i maxes out at 24 or 30 frames per second at 1080p. That’s still high enough quality for YouTube videos, but without the option to shoot at 60 FPS or 120 FPS, the T3i really lacks in terms of slow motion potential (crucial for beautiful b-roll). Nowadays, the comparable entry-level Rebel-series camera today is a T7i, with advanced auto-focus, more megapixels, and a DIGIC 7 processor.

If you already have a T3i and are just getting into YouTube, the camera should hold up in the short term. But as soon as you can afford to upgrade, look at options like the T7i or even the SL2, both of which offer superior video performance over the T3i. If you’ve got more money to spend, look at the 6D Mark II or a 5D Mark IV. Both options shoot excellent still photos and have solid video, too. However, if you aren’t in the Canon camp, competitors like Sony and Panasonic are turning out great mirror-less video cameras that support 4K, 120 FPS, and advanced stabilization.

Check out the video below, then let me know what you think about the T3i or other entry-level DSLRs and video cameras.

Start Your YouTube Channel This Year

I’ve wanted to start a YouTube channel for years. But I kept putting it off, and always told myself so many excuses as to why I hadn’t started. So I finally did it. In February of 2018 I started my own YouTube channel. You might feel like it’s too late to start, but now’s honestly the best time to do it.

YouTube is the world’s best platform for sharing video content, and the community within YouTube is incredible. You won’t find anything similar on Vimeo or any other video hosting website – YouTube is hands-down the best. Even with their recent PR nightmares like that of Logan Paul.

So, if you’ve got a message you want to share with others, or if you’re trying to build a brand for yourself, your company, or you want to eventually make a living off of the platform – now’s the time to start. Marques Brownlee, the world’s most popular tech influencer on YouTube, had created over 100 videos before he even broke 100 subscribers, and now years later he’s at the very top.

No matter what it is you want to do (or get better at), it takes time and patience to perfect your craft and become someone worth listening to. I’m not there yet – far from it – but I’ve finally put away the excuses and have started creating content. And, it’s something I’m passionate about – photography, videography and marketing. I’m not a professional, but I’m taking the first steps towards getting there.

Watch my first YouTube video below, then subscribe if you’d like to see where things go from here!