I can be debt-free in two years

I’m a big numbers guy, particularly with my personal finances. I’m always calculating how much extra cash I can afford to pay down on debt each month. But I haven’t seriously considered how quick I could become debt-free since I was a freshman or sophomore in college. With my part-time income at that time, it seemed likeContinue reading “I can be debt-free in two years”

No financially sound reason exists to get a payday loan

I read a blog post the other day that listed the pros and cons of getting a payday loan, why you should get one, and things to remember when you do get one. It was completely horrible and misguided financial guidance. In fact I assume it was written by someone in the evil industry. TheContinue reading “No financially sound reason exists to get a payday loan”

Killing the loyalty cards, foregoing the false pleasures

With winter weather settling in, it’s really tempting for me to drive down the street to the nearest Starbucks and get a hot, delicious drink. I have a Keurig at home, but it’s just not the same. I’m falling for the marketing gimmick – and come on, I’m a marketer for a living! My typical StarbucksContinue reading “Killing the loyalty cards, foregoing the false pleasures”

The secret ingredient to a great personal finance blog

Thinking of starting a personal finance blog? You have to be completely transparent. I know this is only my fourth post on Dimes to Dough, but I’ve been following a lot of top personal finance bloggers and industry leaders for a long time. When I think about the people in personal finance I relate to andContinue reading “The secret ingredient to a great personal finance blog”

Using Next for iPhone to curb your spending

I downloaded a smart, simple expense tracking app back in early 2013 when it was first released on the iOS App Store. I tried it for a while but eventually deleted it from my phone. Leap forward to today though – the app has some notable improvements since I first used it and I’m drawn backContinue reading “Using Next for iPhone to curb your spending”

Welcome to the blog

Are you interested in living debt-free? Just want your personal finances in order? Maybe you want to retire a millionaire? Whatever your reason for getting here, you’re in the right place. This blog was created to share my personal journey to financial freedom and also help you reach your own personal finance goals and keep you on your toesContinue reading “Welcome to the blog”