Increase your credit limit every six months

Did you know you can increase your credit limit on your credit cards every six months? It’s simple. Just pick up the phone or get on your credit card company’s website. No hard credit check needed (if you do it right)! To give an example, when I got my first credit card in college, aContinue reading “Increase your credit limit every six months”

Introducing the Debt Payoff Meter

Starting today I’ve added a new graphic to my blog, and I’m calling it the Debt Payoff Meter. You can see it from just about any page on the site. It’s super straightforward – Each time I pay off debt (or each month, at least) I’ll update the meter to reflect how much money I’ve putContinue reading “Introducing the Debt Payoff Meter”

Emergency fund, check! Zero balance on credit card, check!

Today is a good day. I’m happy to report that I’ve paid off the entire balance on my Citi credit card! I carried a balance on that thing for over a year! Fortunately, I only had to pay interest charges for the past two months ($30 total or so). I first got the Citi cardContinue reading “Emergency fund, check! Zero balance on credit card, check!”

Personal finance blogs lack transparency

There are thousands of personal finance blogs out there, this one included. All of them talk about getting out of their own money troubles and provide advice to others. But the issue I continue to find is that the authors of most personal finance blogs are unwilling to share the true specifics of their financial situation. Without fullContinue reading “Personal finance blogs lack transparency”

Why can’t lowering student loan rates be this easy?

As I’m sitting here wondering how my fiancée can fastest pay down her two highest-interest student loan debts, a strange idea came to mind. But first, let me preface my idea by noting that her two highest-interest student loan debts are private loans she received from a local credit union before starting college. She tried having the interestContinue reading “Why can’t lowering student loan rates be this easy?”

Remembering my biggest money mistake yet

All of us make terrible mistakes with our money. Some of us more than others, but inevitably we all do it every once in a while. Since it’s the start of a new year, it’s always a great time to reflect and make sure we don’t repeat the same mistakes we’ve made before. Think for aContinue reading “Remembering my biggest money mistake yet”

Don’t argue Dave Ramsey on credit cards

I’ve read a number of blog posts and articles in the past few days that attempt to refute Dave’s steadfast belief that there is no good reason to use a credit card. These articles I’ve stumbled upon (here’s one) all go on to explain the benefits of using credit cards, and I just smile and laugh toContinue reading “Don’t argue Dave Ramsey on credit cards”

An easy do-it-yourself method for managing bills

How do you keep track of your bills and recurring expenses? Do you use, your bank’s bill payment system or some sort of financial software? Maybe you just keep track on paper. For me, every solution I’ve tried is too much to keep up with. Something always ends up not working the way I expect itContinue reading “An easy do-it-yourself method for managing bills”