7 Secrets to Getting Out of Debt That You Don’t Want to Hear

You’re strapped with debt, up to your eyeballs in loans and don’t see a way out. What do you do? Pay it off! Duh, right? Recognizing the problem is the easy part. What’s next? You figure out how to get to the finish line. It seems so far away, but you’d do anything to getContinue reading “7 Secrets to Getting Out of Debt That You Don’t Want to Hear”

No credit card debt… Cool.

So, about the time I started Dimes to Dough, I had just signed up for a new credit card, my second credit card ever, an AMEX card. Years of 0% APR on my Citi Card had finally ran out, and I didn’t feel like negotiating for 0% APR again. So, I agreed to a seemingly niceContinue reading “No credit card debt… Cool.”

Increase your credit limit every six months

Did you know you can increase your credit limit on your credit cards every six months? It’s simple. Just pick up the phone or get on your credit card company’s website. No hard credit check needed (if you do it right)! To give an example, when I got my first credit card in college, aContinue reading “Increase your credit limit every six months”