The dark side of personal finance

There’s a dark side of personal finance that’s killing our society. And it’s everywhere, from Snapchat, Facebook and LinkedIn to anywhere we consume content online. Worst of all, the offenders are often high-profile personal finance blogs like The Penny Hoarder, and Save the Student. What am I talking about? Plain old bad advice. HorribleContinue reading “The dark side of personal finance”

Debt Update: $34,030.34

It’s been about five months since my last post, so here’s an update. First of all, I’m no longer preparing for a wedding – my former fiancée and I decided it best to call it off as we both work on ourselves and deal with some personal issues that would prevent us from having a happy, long-lasting marriage.Continue reading “Debt Update: $34,030.34”

Increase your credit limit every six months

Did you know you can increase your credit limit on your credit cards every six months? It’s simple. Just pick up the phone or get on your credit card company’s website. No hard credit check needed (if you do it right)! To give an example, when I got my first credit card in college, aContinue reading “Increase your credit limit every six months”

Don’t argue Dave Ramsey on credit cards

I’ve read a number of blog posts and articles in the past few days that attempt to refute Dave’s steadfast belief that there is no good reason to use a credit card. These articles I’ve stumbled upon (here’s one) all go on to explain the benefits of using credit cards, and I just smile and laugh toContinue reading “Don’t argue Dave Ramsey on credit cards”

My rant on credit scores

Our society places too much emphasis on credit scores. And sadly, I’m not much different myself. I am somehow proud that I have a high credit score. I use Credit Karma’s free credit tools and keep an eye on my credit history to make sure my information is accurate. For God’s sake, my credit history has beenContinue reading “My rant on credit scores”