I’m ready to be debt-free already!

I started this blog way back in the end of 2014. Now, it’s already halfway through 2015 and I feel like I’m still right where I left off. Things keep coming up that keep pushing back my ability to tackle my debt, such as an impending wedding, car repair expenses, travel expenses, and overspending in general.

Normally, spending the amount of money that I do would be no huge deal, if I didn’t have any debt to my name. But I still have debt, approximately $85,000 of it, and I can’t stand it. I spend so much time pondering the state of my financial situation rather than actively doing something about it. Why? Because I feel stuck. Maybe you feel the same way?Continue reading “I’m ready to be debt-free already!”

No credit card debt… Cool.

So, about the time I started Dimes to Dough, I had just signed up for a new credit card, my second credit card ever, an AMEX card. Years of 0% APR on my Citi Card had finally ran out, and I didn’t feel like negotiating for 0% APR again. So, I agreed to a seemingly nice 15 month no interest card from AMEX with a $200 cash back offer after spending $1000. I signed up with the intention of switching over any purchases from the Citi card to the AMEX, and paying off both as fast as possible.Continue reading “No credit card debt… Cool.”

An easy do-it-yourself method for managing bills

How do you keep track of your bills and recurring expenses? Do you use Mint.com, your bank’s bill payment system or some sort of financial software? Maybe you just keep track on paper. For me, every solution I’ve tried is too much to keep up with. Something always ends up not working the way I expect it to, or things don’t sync up right, or not all of my bills or accounts can work with a certain app, and so on. That’s why I use a good old-fashioned solution: a spreadsheet.Continue reading “An easy do-it-yourself method for managing bills”