How long should your YouTube videos be?

Which is best? Short and sweet, or long form? If you podcast, long form is the norm. If you tweet, it’s short and sweet. YouTube falls in the middle. Lots of us say what we need to say and cut out the rest. But other creators regularly take their audience on 15 or 20 minute … Continue reading How long should your YouTube videos be?

The Chick-fil-A app is condescending

Today’s post is lighthearted. A little reminder that every detail matters - No matter whether you’re a content creator, copy writer, app designer, CSR or anyone else that deals with a customer. On Sunday, I was in the back of a car thumbing through my iPhone. I opened the Chick-fil-A app just to see if … Continue reading The Chick-fil-A app is condescending

Putting it off till tomorrow

Procrastination is a horrible thing. It’s something that sets in slowly, and rarely starts as intentional. Think exercising, studying, improving relationships, or anything else we try to improve. A cousin of procrastination is laziness. They go hand in hand. We procrastinate because we’re lazy (or tired, or had a long day at work, or are … Continue reading Putting it off till tomorrow

Balancing work and family time

Something a lot of entrepreneurs struggle with is balancing family and work life. Perhaps even more so those of us trying to start a side hustle on top of a “normal” career. The side hustle on top of the normal career is my current predicament. And I’m trying to balance all of that with my … Continue reading Balancing work and family time

Write your video idea down before you begin

I made a video a long time ago on the importance of having a script. But it was kinda BS. I work off of bullets sometimes, and occasionally I write out entire paragraphs, but it’s seldom that I actually get a complete thought down in writing before I start. So, it’s time to be more … Continue reading Write your video idea down before you begin

Record video from multiple iPhones with a live view on your iPad

Think you need fancy equipment to create great studio-quality video? You don’t! I‘ll post a video on this in more detail shortly, but for now I just wanted to share that I’ve been trialing an app called Switcher Studio for two weeks now and absolutely love it. Switcher Studio lets you pair any number of … Continue reading Record video from multiple iPhones with a live view on your iPad