Can You Still Use the Canon T3i for Video?

Are you wondering if you can still use a T3i for video in 2020 and beyond? Well, the short answer is yes you certainly can. And I’ve used a T3i for nearly every video on my channel. But if you can afford to make the jump to something nicer, now’s the time. Let’s discuss theContinue reading “Can You Still Use the Canon T3i for Video?”

How to Podcast for Free (Plus, a great $27 mic!)

It’s nearly 2019. Are you paying money to podcast? You shouldn’t – you can do it for free! It all starts with Anchor, an awesome and 100% free podcast hosting platform. The rest is a piece of cake. You just need great content and a decent microphone to record your audio. If you’re just starting out,Continue reading “How to Podcast for Free (Plus, a great $27 mic!)”

Big box retailers made awful Black Friday decisions

If you’ve gone shopping on Black Friday over the past few years, you know what to expect. Long lines and aggressive crowds, but great sales. Traditional retailers have been dominating Black Friday for a long time – but the times are changing. Amazon broke records with its Black Friday sales, and another brick and mortarContinue reading “Big box retailers made awful Black Friday decisions”

Ask Better Questions, Get Better Answers

Personal finance is downright boring once you grasp the basics. There are no quick fixes to rectifying your financial situation…it takes time, patience and persistence. There are millions of articles and sales pages around the web that try to explain new ways to get out of debt fast or build wealth overnight, but such thingsContinue reading “Ask Better Questions, Get Better Answers”

Please don’t be a multi-level marketer

If you’ve ever tried to make money from home or online, I guarantee you’ve run across pyramid schemes. Some high profile companies who run pyramid schemes include Mary Kay, Advocare, LuLaRoe, Avon and Amway. And there are countless other small-time operations out there, too. You’ll never hear these companies use the term “pyramid scheme” though.Continue reading “Please don’t be a multi-level marketer”

Six real ways to make money online

How many dozens of articles have you read about ways to make money online? A lot, I’m guessing. And they all let you down, because they’re all filled with dumb ideas like “Take surveys” and “Get cash back” and “Download these apps” and ON AND ON. It’s all dreadfully bad advice. Because the truth is,Continue reading “Six real ways to make money online”

The dark side of personal finance

There’s a dark side of personal finance that’s killing our society. And it’s everywhere, from Snapchat, Facebook and LinkedIn to anywhere we consume content online. Worst of all, the offenders are often high-profile personal finance blogs like The Penny Hoarder, and Save the Student. What am I talking about? Plain old bad advice. HorribleContinue reading “The dark side of personal finance”

Someone else is already doing it

This post’s title has been weighing on my heart a lot recently. “Someone else is already doing it.” That’s a phrase that’s been holding me back in a number of different areas of my life. What do I mean? As an example, I’ve been searching for whatever it is that really motivates me – andContinue reading “Someone else is already doing it”