Best Resolution for Vertical Video on IGTV

With Instagram TV (IGTV), you can’t just throw any old video up on the platform. It MUST be a vertical video, between 15 seconds and 1 minute long (or up to an hour if you have a large enough following). So, what dimensions should you be make your content? 4:5? 16:9? Let’s talk about the perfect resolution for video on IGTV!

What is IGTV (Instagram TV)?

Instagram TV (IGTV) dropped today, June 20th and the headlines are making it seem like it’s going to compete with YouTube. Is it a contender? What’s the future of vertical video? Should you be using IGTV in your social media strategy? Let’s discuss!

The Best App to Preview Your Instagram Profile

I’ve seen a lot of people talking about ways they preview their Instagram profile with photos before they actually add them to the app. Unfortunately, a lot of people are doing it the hard way – either through Photoshop or using some clunky tool to do what should be super simple. Instead of the frustration, check out Preview for Instagram.

This is in no way an ad, or sponsored post, I just really like the tool. There’s a paid version (which you don’t really need) or you can use the free version and still do essentially the same thing. Check out my latest video below for the quick review: