Using Next for iPhone to curb your spending

I downloaded a smart, simple expense tracking app back in early 2013 when it was first released on the iOS App Store. I tried it for a while but eventually deleted it from my phone. Leap forward to today though – the app has some notable improvements since I first used it and I’m drawn back in to using it daily.Continue reading “Using Next for iPhone to curb your spending”

Will Ally Bank support Apple Pay?


Update: Ally Bank has confirmed it plans to support Apple Pay.

I’m a huge fan of Ally Bank. Heck, their online savings accounts have an APY of 1% while most banks are still in the range of 0.05% or less. I’ve used Ally as my sole banking solution for the past two years now, and really have no complaints. In fact, here are some more things that I love about Ally:

  • Free check reordering
  • Awesome, speedy customer service
  • No charge for any ATM use nationwide, and Ally reimburses any ATM fees incurred
  • Excellent rates compared to the competition
  • No minimum balance requirements
  • No monthly maintenance fees

However, the one thing Ally doesn’t support at the moment is Apple Pay. And, I’m surprised I haven’t seen any official statement from the company. Their marketing messaging seems to always be around how innovative they are and how they are everything you love about brick-and-mortar banks without the brick-and-mortar.Continue reading “Will Ally Bank support Apple Pay?”

Welcome to the blog

Are you interested in living debt-free? Just want your personal finances in order? Maybe you want to retire a millionaire? Whatever your reason for getting here, you’re in the right place.

This blog was created to share my personal journey to financial freedom and also help you reach your own personal finance goals and keep you on your toes once you get there. There’s a lot of financial talk on the Internet today – a lot of it’s great, but a lot of it’s garbage. Unlike most of the other blogs, at Dimes to Dough there’s no secret motive. No products to push down your throat. No sponsored posts, links, or outside influences at all. Just solid, honest and transparent personal finance talk.

Thanks for reading. I hope something I’ve written strikes a chord with you.