Sam D. Miller

Marketer and YouTuber based in Atlanta

You Need to Use a Script for Your Videos

Before you think about creating your next video, be sure to write down some notes or at least a few bullets to serve as your script and outline. Without a script, you’re going to ramble on too long, not get your point across quick enough, and have a hard time editing your footage in post-production. Even if you’re just planning to “wing it,” a simple script will help you out immensely.

Now, I’m not talking about writing everything out word for word. What I’m really just talking about is ensuring you have a plan. Without a plan, you’ll just ramble on forever. If you’re making content for YouTube, you’ve got to serve your audience well and keep their attention. The best way to do that is by knowing exactly what you want to say (with ample room for improv in there, too).

Watch my video on the importance of starting a video project with a script for more on this important part of the video-making process.

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