Sam D. Miller

Marketer and YouTuber based in Atlanta

How long should your YouTube videos be?

Which is best? Short and sweet, or long form? If you podcast, long form is the norm. If you tweet, it’s short and sweet. YouTube falls in the middle. Lots of us say what we need to say and cut out the rest. But other creators regularly take their audience on 15 or 20 minute journeys. What’s your norm?

There’s no right answer. For both of our sakes, I wish there was. But the appropriate length of your YouTube videos depend on lots of factors. For one, what value are you providing? Are you telling a captivating story or simply showing someone how to do something? Are you sharing lots of information or just a little? Are your subscribers loyal followers or are they just there for the information and quickly leaving? All of these questions can help you determine a good length for your videos.

If you want more concrete answers, keep these ideas in mind:

  • If your title screams “How-To” it’s best to get to the point.
  • If you’re telling an engaging story, your video can be as long as it takes to tell that story. Don’t feel limited to a certain time limit, but don’t bore your audience.
  • In line with the last one, keeping your viewers’ attention should always be a top priority. If they get bored, they’ll click away and might never return.
  • Your subscriber count doesn’t matter in terms of deciding how long to make your content. You’ll find more value digging through your analytics.

But again, everything is subjective. The more videos you make, the more data you’ll have to make informed decisions and learn from your audience. You’ll find out their average attention span, their interests, and where they’re coming from – all useful insights to help you improve.

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