Sam D. Miller

Marketer and YouTuber based in Atlanta

Top Atlanta YouTubers

There are lots of great content creators in the metro Atlanta area. We have a bustling film and TV community, some big name celebrities and personalities, and of course a ton of YouTubers.

While it’s fun to be in a city home to hits like Stranger Things and The Walking Dead, it’s also fun to be in a city home to people like Roberto Blake, Aaron Marino and Evan Ranft. Each of these three YouTubers are at very different stages of their journey, but all of them are wildly successful in their own niches.

I know there are other top creators in the Atlanta area, but those are three I follow pretty closely. In North America, it seems like New York City, Toronto, and parts of California have their own unique YouTube community vibe, but I haven’t noticed something similar in the Atlanta area yet. There are Reddit and Facebook groups for local creators, but none I’ve found that are very active. I’m hoping that changes soon, and I hope the creator circle in Atlanta continues to grow.

What about you? Are you also in Atlanta? What other top YouTubers do you follow that live in the Atlanta area?

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