Sam D. Miller

Marketer and YouTuber based in Atlanta

Putting it off till tomorrow

Procrastination is a horrible thing. It’s something that sets in slowly, and rarely starts as intentional. Think exercising, studying, improving relationships, or anything else we try to improve.

A cousin of procrastination is laziness. They go hand in hand. We procrastinate because we’re lazy (or tired, or had a long day at work, or are too busy with our kids, or because we went to bed too late, or any number of other excuses).

What’s dangerous is that once laziness and procrastination set in, they’re hard to kick out. We get comfortable in a routine of the two. But again, we all start with good intentions. Intentions to go to the gym every day, to study for that test at the beginning of the semester and not the end, to do more special things for our significant other, and so on.

We all hit streaks of doing great, but without a formed habit, we slip back into familiar, safe territory. Being remarkable and exceeding our own expectations takes work. It takes a reason, a why. And the why must be way more important to you than the immediate, short term satisfaction of just being lazy and putting it off for tomorrow.

What are you putting off for tomorrow that you also put off for tomorrow ten, five or one year ago? Why not dig in right now? Or, of course, there’s always tomorrow.

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