Sam D. Miller

Marketer and YouTuber based in Atlanta

Balancing work and family time

Something a lot of entrepreneurs struggle with is balancing family and work life. Perhaps even more so those of us trying to start a side hustle on top of a “normal” career.

The side hustle on top of the normal career is my current predicament. And I’m trying to balance all of that with my family life, giving my wife the ample love and attention she needs while also trying to find time to devote to my side hustle.

My wife’s point of view is that I should be committed to the family when I’m not at my 9-5. But I obviously can’t work on my side hustle at my 9-5 so I’m constantly trying to fit in my side hustle when my wife would prefer I’m being present with our family. It’s a constant struggle.

My wife is normally very accommodating, and usually doesn’t mind if I spend a few hours here and there working on my side hustle in my free time, but she grew up in a household that has always had very clear division between work and play time. I grew up with my parents separated and always had lots of time to do my own thing. We didn’t grow up in similar households – as is the same with most married couples.

My typical stance is that it’s important for me to work on my side hustle because it’ll eventually help our family by helping us get out of debt quicker and helping us reach our life goals quicker. My wife thinks I should be able to support our family by working my 9-5 alone, which is true, but my current 9-5 is not my passion. It doesn’t bring me much fulfillment or excite me. Some people might say I should try to change my 9-5, but I’d rather build up something on the side that’s completely in my control.

So where do I find a middle ground? Or, where do you find a middle ground? Is there a path forward that‘s positive for all sides of the table?

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