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Marketer and YouTuber based in Atlanta

Write your video idea down before you begin

I made a video a long time ago on the importance of having a script. But it was kinda BS. I work off of bullets sometimes, and occasionally I write out entire paragraphs, but it’s seldom that I actually get a complete thought down in writing before I start. So, it’s time to be more intentional! It’s time to make better content, tell better stories, and grow your channel faster.

You might be thinking… “Well that’s great Sam but I vlog. I like being spontaneous. All of my favorite YouTubers just have their camera on them all the time.” Yes, they do, but they’re 100% intentional with the content they’re producing. And more than likely, they’ve written out notes, a shot list, and possibly even the entire script of dialogue they want to share in their video.

The thing is, you don’t have to read your notes or script verbatim. You could just try reading it ten times before you hit record, that way you’ve prepared your brain to regurgitate the thoughts you wrote down on paper. Again, it’s not about needing to read from a teleprompter, but rather prepare your mind to be able to clearly and concisely share whatever message you want to drive home to your audience.

Writing things down ahead of time does lots of useful things:

  1. Helps you remember what you want to say
  2. Keeps you from getting sidetracked or rambling
  3. Let’s you make edits before you hit record
  4. Saves you lots of takes and headache
  5. Makes you a better creator

If you follow tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee, you’ve probably noticed his content is getting increasingly better, more polished, and generally more fun to watch. In one of his latest videos, he shows his Google Drive folder, and he’s a document with his video notes. Now, that’s not something he’s shared, but you can guarantee his notes are full of intentional ideas. He’s made nearly 1000 videos, but he’s not such a great creator because he’s done it so much. It’s also because he’s planning his content. And he’s got a team to help him do that, film him, and help him produce it and share it with his nearly 10 million subscribers.

So if I leave you with just one takeaway today, it’s that you need to be writing down your thoughts before you pull out the video camera. It makes the entire process much more smooth.

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