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Doing only a few things well

Yesterday I touched on the fact that I’m horrible at starting new projects and never finishing them. I think it’s a horrible habit to have. Here are some things I’ve started and stopped over the past few years:

1. Exercising regularly

2. Eating clean / sticking to a healthy diet

3. A marketing agency with a close friend

4. A podcast (now on my second one)

5. Studying for the GMAT

6. A handful of online businesses

This list is just a few of many. I usually rationalize quitting them by telling myself I can’t do everything great, and instead need to focus on doing a few things well, but the truth is I just get lazy. And once laziness sets in, its a downward slope from there. Now, there’s no way to do everything at once – you do need to say “no” and get good at saying no, but I can never find a great middle ground.

However, I’ve realized that doing a few things really well can have a tremendous ripple effect in other areas of your life. Take nutrition and exercise, for example… If you wake up early and get in a good workout, you’ll have an easier time eating a healthy breakfast and saying no to junk food (i.e. office doughnuts), and you’ll be more focused at work or school and be more motivated throughout the rest of your day.

Today is the second day of my daily blog journey. I’m doing well there. Now I just got to keep doing other things well (being a good husband, staying motivated at work, exercising regularly) and the rest should fall into place. Let’s see where we’re at tomorrow!

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