When to Start Vlogging: 3 Rules Before You Begin

Today we’re talking about VLOGGING – Particularly WHEN to start vlogging. There are 3 things that are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to have in place before you even think about vlogging. Let’s get into it.


Now, for our purposes I don’t mean casual vlogging, as in a fun thing you want to do because you’re nerdy and you always have your camera on you. Go be a hobbyist all you want. But when you’re ready to upload to YouTube, and when you’re ready to call yourself a vlogger, you’ve got to have these 3 things nailed down first.

1. You’re ready to start vlogging when YOU HAVE AN AUDIENCE

I’ve seen so many people on YouTube start with these huge ambitions for starting a vlog, and they’re usually inspired by Casey Neistat or some other huge YouTuber, and for their first video they’re out there trying to do the same thing. It doesn’t work. You need experience, you need to have developed your own VOICE, and you need to HAVE AN AUDIENCE. If your family is an audience, sure – go for it. But those that are most successful with vlogging have already established themselves online. Whether they started making how-to videos, sketch videos, or are an established name in their niche, they already have an audience.

So that’s RULE #1. And I think it’s the most important. But once you feel like you can cross off #1, you’re ready to move onto #2 and #3. And, well, they’re about equally has challenging.

2. You’re ready to start vlogging when YOU CAN DO IT CONSISTENTLY

Let’s talk about those new YouTubers again. They get all inspired, they throw up a few vlogs, and they get discouraged and burnt out because no one is watching their videos. First, they already broke rule #1, they didn’t have an audience to begin with, but #2, they puttered out after a few videos and walked away. If they would just keep going, they’d get better, they’d learn, and naturally they’d start to grow a following. Anyone can grow a following on YouTube with consistency.

Lots of popular YouTube growth experts are saying you need to post a minimum of 2, 3 or 4 times a week. That’s nuts. And if you aren’t in a place in your life to do that, maybe now’s not the right time. If you want your audience to connect with you and really want to follow you and your vlog, you need to be CONSISTENT.

3. You’re ready to start vlogging when YOU HAVE A STORY TO TELL

Okay, you’ve got an audience, you’re ready to be consistent, but even with those two things, if you don’t have a story to tell you’re wasting everyone’s time – including your own. Now, you don’t have to be super rich and fun to vlog, you just need to get better at telling stories. A great storyteller can create an amazing story out of anything. A day at home, a day downtown, a day at the beach, a night out with friends. If you know how to tell a story, and give your audience a reason to care (CONSISTENTLY), then you’ve got it made.


  1. Have an audience
  2. Be consistent
  3. Have a story to tell

Before you think about vlogging – daily, weekly, whatever – give each of those 3 rules some attention. You’ll save yourself a ton of time and frustration, and you’ll make your viewers a lot happier.

Now again, we’re talking about vlogging. I’m not saying you shouldn’t start a YouTube channel without these 3 rules, I’m saying you shouldn’t start VLOGGING without considering these 3 rules.

Anyways, I want to know your thoughts… Do you think you need an audience to start vlogging? Let me know in the comments and subscribe to my channel if you aren’t already.


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