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The 3 Prerequisites to Make Money Blogging

After digging through some blog posts of mine from years ago, on a blog that no longer exists, I wanted to share a short post I wrote about what it takes to make money blogging. So without further ado, here’s the original post:

It’s easy to set up a blog. You can do it in less than five minutes. What you can’t do so quickly is earn money with your blog. That takes three things: dedication, value, and time. Don’t try to take a shortcut – there’s no guaranteed fast track to blogging success.

Dedication. Dedication means committing to a task or purpose. In other words, KEEP BLOGGING. No ordinary person has become successful overnight through blogging. Those that became or will become successful spend hours, days, weeks, months, and years writing content for their blog.

“In other words, KEEP BLOGGING.”

It’s important to stay dedicated because if you aren’t dedicated to your blog and your topic(s), neither will your audience. Sitting down and writing a blog post every week (or even every day) proves that you’ve got plenty to say and will greatly improve the odds that people will keep coming back.

Value. I wouldn’t buy something if I didn’t find value in it – and neither would you. Whether the product or service I purchase increases my productivity, happiness, finances, or whatever, it must deliver value. In the same way, your blog must bring value to your audience. If you simply regurgitate content from some other source or quickly throw together some words on a page then you aren’t delivering something of value.

Some things that define value in the world of blogging are original content, content that can improve someone else’s life or wellbeing, and content that provides new knowledge or information.

Time. Time is the final (and often overlooked) key ingredient to lead the way to making money through blogging. As I said, success doesn’t happen overnight. Your audience, Google’s web indexing bots, and cash won’t come flooding in. Be patient, stay motivated, and don’t spend too much time looking at your site’s analytics. Growth is (usually) slow and steady until you reach your tipping point.

Once you’ve proven you are dedicated to your blog, you consistently provide value to your audience, and your blog has patiently grown from a small 50-word site to an archive of information, you’ll be one giant leap closer to generating an income from your blog. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to success other than to meet the three requirements above before you make a sizable amount of money through blogging.

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