Sam D. Miller

Marketer and YouTuber based in Atlanta

Debt Update: $24,346.37

It’s been less than a month since my last debt update and here I am, with nearly $10,000 trimmed off the total balance since then! The Sonata is now sold and gone, and along with it the entire auto loan balance. It’s a great feeling. And it only makes me want to work harder now to get the rest paid off. All that’s left is a small credit card balance and the rest is a student loan, all from one loan servicer.

I checked my credit report yesterday and was happy to see that my auto loan was updated with a zero balance and marked closed. Nice!

On another positive note, when my last payday rolled around, I took $750 and threw it all at the one student loan that wasn’t with the same loan servicer as the rest of my loans, and paid it off in full. That’s two loan accounts closed on my credit report in one month!

My next goal is to get my credit card down to $0 and never use it again. I can manage to put down at least $500 on it every two weeks, so I’ll have the balance paid off towards the end of January. The light at the tunnel is getting brighter and brighter.

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